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31 May 2017

Basildon Council fined £150,000 for traveller family data breach

A council has been fined £150,000 for publishing sensitive personal information about a traveller family on its website... READ MORE


31 May 2017

China data protection tightened in new laws

Strict new cyber-security legislation is not aimed at limiting foreign companies operating in the country, Chinese officials have said... READ MORE


19 May 2017

UK Policitical Parties' Manifestos and Data Protection

Both main political parties released their manifestos this week. Both the Conservatives and Labour spell out their commitment to reforms of data protection law...READ MORE


17 May 2017

DocuSign users sent phishing emails after data breach

Electronic signature service provider DocuSign has admitted customer email addresses were accessed in a data breach... READ MORE


16 May 2017

Powys GP worker fined for accessing patient records

A former NHS administrator at a Powys GP surgery has been fined for unlawfully accessing patient records... READ MORE


05 May 2017

Debenhams Flowers data breach hits 26,000

Retailer Debenhams has said that up to 26,000 customers of its Flowers website have had their personal data compromised following a cyber-attack... READ MORE


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