The Main Parties Manifestos and Data Protection


Both main political parties released their manifestos this week. Both the Conservatives and Labour spell out their commitment to reforms of data protection law.


Conservative Manifesto 2017


The Conservative Party has released their manifesto, this contains some interesting comments with regards data protection, although there is no specific mention of the GDPR the manifesto confirms that they "will bring forward a new data protection law." The relevant extracts are on pages 76 and 79-80 which state:-

The Conservatives will deliver (P76):

"Protection for people's data online, backed by a new data protection law."

"Security online, with unprecedented investment in cyber security and stronger cyber standards for government and public services."

They further state (P79-80)

"We will give people new rights to ensure they are in control of their own data...the ability to access and export personal data, and an expectation that personal data should be stored in secure way. To create a sound ethical framework for how data is used, we will institute an expert Data Use and Ethics Commission to advise regulators and parliament on the nature of data use and how best to prevent its abuse. The Commission will help us to develop the principles and rules that will give people confidence that their data is being handled properly. Alongside this commission, we will bring forward a new data protection law, fit for our new data age, to ensure the very best standards for the safe flexible and dynamic use of data and enshrining our global leadership in the ethical and proportionate regulation of data.


Labour Manifesto 2017


The Labour Party has also released their manifesto, which underlines they are also committed to reform. At P31 they state:-

"Labour is committed to growing the digital economy and ensuring that trade agreements do not impede cross-border data flows, whilst maintaining strong data protection rules to protect personal privacy".

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