A key component of GDPR compliance is to ensure staff awareness and training. From May 2018 it is essential that employees handling Personal data understand compliance and undergo regular training.

The biggest cause of data breaches is human error, a simple mistake is all it takes.

• Our straight forward online eLearning courses are written in plain language and require no previous knowledge of the subject or technical background.

• A simple-to-use interactive modular e-learning programme for employees introduces the GDPR and the key compliance obligations for organisations.

• Full customisation available including your logos, colours and policies added

Crucially, our online GDPR learning courses provide an auditable log of your training program demonstrating accountability and that your company takes data protection seriously.

We have 2 All Staff Awareness eLearning courses to choose from:-

Full Version
Designed for department heads/managerial position. The course provides a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the Regulation. The course takes approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Slim Version
Designed for all staff who handle personal data in any way on a day to day basis. The course provides practical guidance on recognising what is personal data, the rights of a data subject and how to recognise a request and what steps need to be taken to minimise the risk of a data breach through human error. The course takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Costs per annum (all prices are exclusive of VAT):

Number of Licenses Manager Version All Staff Version
Single Licence £35 £25

2-10 Licenses £30 £20

11-50 - Licenses £25 £15

50+ Licenses £20 £10

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