GDPR and the new Data Protection Act is coming...Are you ready?

The Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2016 and will apply from May 2018.

In addition the Government has announced a new Data Protection Act is forthcoming to incorporate GDPR. This new change in the law is coming regardless of Brexit.

All businesses and organisations that hold or process personal data, no matter their size, MUST comply with this largest shake up in the law in nearly 20 years.

Failure to comply with GDPR and the new Data Protection Act can land businesses and organisations with a maximum £17million fine or 4% of turnover (whichever is the highest), a substantial increase of the maximum fines under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The fines are only a small part of the issue, the reputational damage and rectification could be a lot more costly to your business or organisation than any proportionate fine.

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We can help...

We provide public training courses, bespoke in house training and eLearning modules on GDPR and the Data Protection Act to help you comply. We are the only company whose training is delivered by a senior cyber security trainer and a practicing lawyer.

Training is essential for all members of staff. This has been stated a number of times by the ICO. With a huge increase in fines it is important all members of staff receive some sort of ongoing training.

Our public and in-house step by step awareness courses are designed for key members of staff in understanding the law and how it applies to your business in practice. Our simple online-learning courses are designed to provide all members of staff an understanding in handling personal data.

All our training courses are CPD compliant and come with certification.

Step by step training course - Book onto one of our popular 1 day step by step guide public courses in London, Manchester and Gateshead. Alternatively we can deliver our training courses bespoke in-house.

Data Protection Officer training - Our 3 day course is for those who already have an understanding of this area but wish to further their career to become a Data Protection Officer. We provide full and comprehensive training which will allow you to fulfil this role.

Online eLearning - Our short and simple online e-learning course is designed for all members of staff and provide essential training on day to day handling of personal data. Your company will be able access a record completed the training and when along with their score. This training is ideal as part of a wider induction programme or continued personal development.